I work with my students to achieve individual diverse musical goals including:

  • Developing a basic knowledge of music so they can listen to concerts with more knowledge and appreciation of what is happening on stage.
  • Developing a proficiency on their instrument so they can use music as a tool of self- expression, enjoy a fulfilling hobby, and feel comfortable and confident to participate in school and regional ensembles.
  • Preparing for auditions for school orchestras, youth orchestras, Region, All-State, and college music programs.
  • Preparing for a well-rounded career in music.

Furthermore, it is my goal as a teacher to guide students to:

  • Develop and improve critical thinking skills
  • Develop patience and discipline
  • Develop and improve listening skills
  • Learn how to be a respectful and empathetic friend, colleague, and member of the community
  • Learn to take responsibility for and pride in their own work
  • Build and enrich communities through group classes and concerts
  • Address musical concepts in a wider context relating to history, math, literature, language, science, psychology, philosophy, and kinetic awareness

Tuition to the Lesson Program includes...

Weekly private lesson

(30 min, 45 min, or 60 min depending on the student’s age and level)

Group Classes twice a month

Participation in one recital each semester

(Fall and Spring)

Now Accepting New Students In...

Violin and Viola- all levels